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The best advice you will ever get about a course, or career, is from someone who is doing, or has done, it. So, you can find below some very beneficial general and course advice from the BGS community. I will be adding to these as much as I can over lockdown. They are mostly in mp3 format to reduce screen time! You can find advice sheets from BGS alumni and further videos from graduates at the bottom of the page…

Peer Guidance: Class of 2021 Advice

Class of 2021: Advice on 6th Year and Study Skills

Peer Guidance: Class of 2020 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2019 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2018 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2017 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2016 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2015 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2014 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2013 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2012 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2011 Advice

All Podcasts should be interesting for Senior Students (regardless of your course interests) with lots of general tips and advice but this list should make it easier to find episodes.

#1 Transition to 3rd Level + Commerce

#2 Study Skills/ Getting the Best out of Yourself in Challenging Times + Biochemistry in Scotland, History and Geography

#3 Working Well in Challenging Times + Music, Management Science and Info Systems

#4 Language Courses and Careers

#5 Engineering Courses and Careers

#6 Sports-Related Courses and Careers

#7 Psychology + Occupational Therapy Courses and Careers

#8 Physiotherapy Courses and Careers

#9 Biological Sciences Course and Career

#10 Food Courses and Careers

#11 Law Courses and Careers

#11. Guidance Podcast: Law Courses and Careers


Aoibh and Ciarán (Class of 2017) are both in 4th year Law. Ciarán is doing Clinical Law in UCC with a view to furthering his studies to become a corporate solicitor having done his placement in that area. Aoibh is in Trinity and talks about her study abroad in Brisbane and joining too many societies! We also cover the joys of History and the future of Law so it’s essential listening for any students in anyway interested in this area. How to qualify as a solicitor/ barrister?

#10 Guidance Podcast: Food Careers and Courses

Sam and David

We covered the variety of careers that come from a food-related degree today with Sam and David. Sam is in 2nd year in Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship in UCC and David is currently in a graduate programme in Carbery Foods having studied Food Science in UCC. Our conversation includes the benefits of online study and work, the future of food and making cheese!

Production Mgmt: Nutritional Science Graduate from UCC

Arts + Food Business Student Story

#9 Guidance Podcast: Biological and Chemical Sciences


Stephanie discusses how she chose Biological and Chemical Science, even though she had been interested in various healthcare courses for her CAO as well…The course has changed since Stephanie’s degree and now students choose 1 of 10 option for Year 2. Students select one degree stream in 2nd year (depending on choice of Year 1 Electives) from:

Applied Plant BiologyBiochemistryBiotechnologyChemistryChemistry of Pharmaceutical CompoundsChemistry with Forensic SciencesScience Education (Chemistry or Biology Route), MicrobiologyNeurosciencePhysiology initially thought she might have chosen Neuroscience but eventually chose to specialise in ‘Biochemistry’ (Further Research: What is Biochemistry; Student Vlog – So you want to study Biochemistry?). After having enjoyed Toxicology electives in her degree, Stephanie did a Masters in Regulatory Affairs and Toxicology from University College Dublin. She currently works as a Regulatory Affairs Consultant.

#8 Peer Guidance Podcast: Physio Courses and Careers

Jack and Emer

Jack is currently in 3rd year studying Physiotherapy in Hanze Uni, Groningen while Emer (Mrs Harte’s sister!) has a range of physiotherapy experience having qualified from Brunel Uni in London as Specialist MSK Physiotherapist. Her specialist areas are in Sports and MSK injuries, Trauma and Orthopaedics and Pilates.

Today we discussed a range of different topics with Jack and Emer including: deciding between two courses for the CAO, studying and working in England, studying in the Netherlands, balancing your studies as an International Hockey player and the many different facets of courses and careers in physiotherapy.

Image result for emer harte irish hockey
Emer Acton née Harte

Courses and Careers in Psychology and OT

#7 Peer Guidance Podcast: Psychology + Occupational Therapy as Courses and Careers

Rachel (2018, Applied Psych in UCC) and Grace (2017, Occupational Therapy in Queen M. Edin Uni in Edinburgh) discuss how they ended up choosing their courses, ‘missing out’ on Speech and Language Therapy, the variety and benefits of OT placements, the difference between media portrayals of Psychology and the reality of studying the course among many other things.

#6 Peer Guidance Podcast: Sport Courses + Careers

In-depth chat with James (Class of 2016) and Eric (Class of 2013) about their career paths in Sport. We discuss a range of topics including: James’ Course Sports Coaching and Performance and Eric’s Sport and Exercise Mgt; the benefits of having Business modules; James’ placement with Hibs FC in Scotland and Eric’s experience working with a physio, his experience as a player/ coach in Luxembourg and his career path since then. We also cover the reality of careers in Sport and future trends in Sport. It’s a long one but if you have any interest in taking a Sports-related course at 3rd level, it’s essential listening!

500+ "-arrabella Kingston" profiles | LinkedIn

#5 Peer Guidance Podcast: Courses and Careers in Engineering

Engineering: All you ever wanted to know about Engineering in 8 mins

Great range of perspectives from Josh (Class of 2020) and Lucy (Class of 2016) who are both doing Engineering. They cover a range of information such as: study skills advice, being ‘tactical’ for your Leaving Cert, key factors in choosing a course, the benefits of a ‘Common Entry’ course, the importance of communication skills as an engineer and career opportunities in the industry.


#4 – Peer Guidance Podcast Language Courses and Careers: If you have any interest in a language course or keeping up your language at 3rd level, then this chat will be very beneficial. In-depth conversation with Sarah from the Class of 2013 (European Studies, Trinity) and Leon from the Class of 2016 (World Languages, UCC). Many topics were covered including: key factors in deciding the right course for you, the benefits of Erasmus/ Study Abroad (Italy and Spain) and career options from language courses.

#3 Working Well in Challenging Times

Another podcast covering Study Skills from the Class of 2020, with Denise and Sophie. Parts 2 and 3 (to follow) will cover ‘Choosing the Right Course and Transitioning to 3rd Level’

Part 1: Study Skills Key Points

Importance of Routine, Breaks, Structure, Tasks, Targets.

Focussing on what you can control

Study Skills for different Subjects. Finding what works for you

Importance of keeping the end-goal in sight. Keep your daily routine

Do NOT compare yourself to others

Part 2: Choosing the Right Course

Music: Sophie talks about how disappointed she was to just to miss out on Popular Music, at the Cork School of Music by a few points. She was offered Music in UCC, but decided to complete a year in CSN doing Music Mgmt and Sound and re-apply this year. In hindsight, she was glad that she spent her year in CSN.

Management Sci and Info Systems Studies in Trinity: Denise had been set on doing Business Information Systems in Cork. She had completed a BIS TY experience in UCC and didn’t explore other options as she wanted to stay in Cork. However, she ignored some of the key course factors for her: small class size and higher Maths content. She changed her mind in June

  1. #2 Peer Guidance Podcast: Study Skills

Part 1: Adrian and Grace talk about Getting the best out of yourself in challenging times 

Part 1 – Study Skills

·         What subjects did you study for the LC?

·         What kind of student were you?

·         How did you approach your study for LC?

·         What study skills worked for you?

·         What would you do differently if you were in LC again?

Part 2: Course Choices: How did you know what you wanted to do?

Grace was torn between studying Medicine or Biochemistry and would have done things differently if she was back again. She is now based in St. Andrews, Edinburgh. Adrian always felt he wanted to study History and Geography at 3rd level but had some last minute doubts when it came to his CAO choices. They both discuss some of the ‘myths’ around their subject area. Some sample questions below

·         How did you know what you wanted to do after the LC? Who did you speak to? What kind of research did you do? Did you go to Open Days? How sure where you about the course before starting it? What other courses did you have down on the CAO? Did you change your course order of preference at any stage?

·         What have you enjoyed most about your course? What have you found to be more challenging? Is your course what you expected to be?

·         What kind of student does well in your course?

Transition to 3rd Level: What did you handle the transition to 3rd level?

·         What are the main differences between 2nd and 3rd level in terms of teaching style, workload etc?

·         What were some of the common mistakes you saw your classmates make? In your opinion, why do students drop out of course?

·         What are the pros and cons to living at home and sharing accommodation?

Agricultural paper proves to be 'challenging and topical' - PressReader

#1Peer Guidance Video Chat: Transition to 3rd Level Interesting video chat from Dylan O Sullivan yesterday about the Transition to 3rd Level and how he researched his course choices… He is currently in 2nd year Commerce in UCC but the talk is relevant for anyone considering their course choices for next year…Hopefully we’ll get some student questions for the next one!

Peer Guidance: Class of 2020 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2019 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2018 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2017 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2016 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2015 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2014 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2013 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2012 Advice

Peer Guidance: Class of 2011 Advice

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