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DARE Application Checklist in Bandon Grammar School


Relevant students are assessed in 5th year as to whether they would qualify for Reasonable Accommodations and the DARE scheme for the Leaving Cert. Miss Harte carries these tests out and liases with Mr. Kearney as to students who could potentially qualify. At this point, we would advise parents if it would be beneficial to organise a Psychological Assessment. Mr. Kearney can refer suitably qualified psychologists in the area if required

Step 1 – December/ January

  • Apply to the CAO at http://www.cao.ie by 17:15 on 1 February
  • Answer “yes” to Question 1 on the Supplementary Information Form which reads “Do you want to be considered for the Disability Access Route to Education” by1 March?
  • Complete the rest of the Supplementary Information Form (SIF)

Step 2 – February

  • January/February: Complete the Academic Reference with your Resource Teacher/ Teacher or Guidance Counsellor, Mr. Kearney. The staff member who is most aware of your learning profile, will be the most suitable person to do this. Once completed, you can bring this form to Mr. Kearney who will go over it in more detail. You must send the Academic Reference to the CAO by 1 April?

Step 3 – February

  • Section C must be completed by the appropriate medical/educational professional
  • Send the evidence of disability documentation to CAO by 1 April 
  • (Click here for age limits of reports.)

Posting your documentation

  • Keep photocopies of ALL documentation that you are posting and put your name and CAO number on every document you send.
  • Get proof of postage each time you are posting documentation.
  • You can get a certificate of postage from An Post. For your convenience, there are four certificates of postage slips pre-printed on the back cover of the CAO Handbook. Just ask the teller in An Post to stamp one of the certificates when you are sending your documentation.


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